Jazzy Distefano- Who is the wife of Chris Distefano?

Jazzy Distefano - Who is the wife of Chris Distefano?


If we talk about Jeezy is an American fitness instructor, spin instructor, personal trainer, and Zumba instructor. She is best known as the wife of American stand-up comedian and actor Chris Distefano. Recently, she has become a celebrity thanks to her excellent fitness videos that use music to help her lose weight. In 2015, she made headlines for her romantic relationship with a well-known stand-up comedian. And speaking of Jeezy’s passion for women suffering from post-pregnancy depression made his career famous. Chris and Jazzy have been together for eight years and have three children.

Who is Jazzy distefano?

Jazzy Distefano is a professional fitness trainer who specializes in spin, Zumba, and group fitness. She was born on April 17, 1984. Jazzy currently is 39 years old as of October 01, 2023. She is the wife of comedian Chris Distefano. Jazzy’s real name is Jasmine Canuelas. She has an Instagram account with the handle @jazzymethod, where she has over 44,000 followers. Jazzy and Chris started dating around 2015 and moved in together. They have two children together


Full name Jasmine candelas
  Nickname Jazzy, jazzy method




Date of birth April 18, 1984
Current age 39


Brooklyn, New York, US
City United state
  Ethnicity Latina
religion Christianity
sexuality straight
  Height 5 feet 6 inch
  Weight 59 kg
Body measurement in inches 36-27-37
Hair colour brown
Eye colour black


mother Liz Canuelas 
father Edwin Canuelas 
  Siblings 2
partner Christopher Paul Anthony Distefano
Profession Fitness instructor, Zumba instructor, spin instructor
  Instagram @jazzymethod
  Facebook Jajajazzyfit
Twitter @JajaC974

Jazzy Distefano’s children

Jazzy Distefano's children
Jazzy Distefano’s children

They married in 2015 and gave birth to their first child in early 2015. They have three children named Della Di Stefano and another child named Violet Luna, who was born in June 2021. However, it is revealed that Jazzy has a child from a previous relationship named Tristan.


Relationship wedding detail
Relationship wedding detail

They met in a club in 2013, and their relationship turned into friendship. In time, the jazzy way they fell in love and, after being in a committed relationship for a while, got married in 2015, the same year they had their first child. A daughter named Delilah Di Stefano and a daughter named Violet Di Stefano.


Jazzy is very intelligent and enjoys their power and prestige. The jazzy mission is to keep women positive during pregnancy by praising women who support mothers. Jazzy and Chris’ first child was born by chance. Chris considers it a blessing with no regrets. Jasmine loves taking care of her children. His career has always been in fitness, focusing on postpartum physical and mental health. She began her career as a personal trainer and earned her fitness certifications, after which she started her Zumba fitness group. Passionate about being a fitness instructor and advocate for healthy living, she has garnered many headlines.

Jeezy is a social media influencer who uses her social media platform to share workout videos and fitness tips. In March 2020, he created his own YouTube channel called Jizzy Method. She uploads fitness videos. She also takes online classes. He has also created his Instagram account, where he has 44 thousand followers where he has posted 504.

Net Worth

She has yet to reveal his full wealth. But as of June 2023, Chris, his spouse, had a net worth of $1 million. They are working very hard to improve the quality of life of children. We all know that Chris is a wonderful person who earns a lot of money from his movies and TV shows, but Jazzy also earns no less. 

What are some quick Jazzy Distefano facts?

  • She created Bodyweight Training to Music.
  • Jazzy Distefano has two children.
  • Jazzy met Chris Distefano at Place to Beach in 2014.
  • From a previous relationship, the instructor has a son named Tristan.
  • Distefano’s children are of mixed race.
  • Her father and mother are both Latinos.
  • Jazzy’s husband was allegedly suspected of being gay.
  • The Zumba instructor and her family live on Staten Island

What is the name of the technique Jazzy developed?

Jazzy Distefano devised a workout technique called BTM, or Bodyweight Training to Music, though she teaches all about fitness. The BTM approach uses music to motivate people to lose weight. Jazzy developed a method to help regulate body movement and muscle activation. A method called bodyweight training to music, which uses music to encourage people to work on their body weight, has developed a new technique for controlling muscle engagement and body movement. This method has been proven to help people burn fat and tone, build muscle, and increase energy and stamina.

Where did Jazzy meet Chris Distefano?

Jasmine Canola and Chris Dusty Fino met for the first time at Place to Beach in 2014. Chris was 30 years old and had already made his foray into the comedy industry after quitting his job as a children’s physical therapist. She was a Zumba teacher—the two first met at Place Two Beach. Initially, Jesse doesn’t appreciate Chris’s entertaining showmanship skills, but Chris tries hard to impress him by buying him drinks. Went together

When did Jazzy welcome her first child?

Jazzy welcomed her first child in 2015. When Jazzy was pregnant with her second child, she shared with her followers via her Instagram that she was a mother of two. The revelation shocked her followers because they believed Dilla was her first child with Chris, and Chris never had any children from his previous relationship. Jazzy wrote that she didn’t exercise when she was pregnant with her first two children, but After Chris became pregnant with their second child, Violet, she worked out well and was training and co-teaching classes.

What is the name of the family of Jazzy Distefano?

She is of Latina descent. She was born in a family of Puerto Rican Americans. Her father is Yadon Cain Velas, and her mother is Liz Cain Velas. She has one brother and one sister named Jessica.


In conclusion, Jazzy DiStefano is a skilled fitness instructor and qualified personal trainer with a wealth of knowledge in spin, group fitness, and other workout disciplines. She created a program called Jazzy Method BTM (Bodyweight Training to Music) to aid in controlling movement and muscle engagement. Her dedication to helping women overcome postpartum depression has made her stand out in her business. Chris DiStefano, a comedian, and Jazzy are married and have two children together. Jazzy is a social media influencer who runs fitness sessions on her YouTube and Instagram channels, despite the fact that little is known about her personal life.


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AaInflight - Stay Connected and Entertained in the Sky
AaInflight - Stay Connected and Entertained in the Sky
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