Instagram stalker apps – Top 10 Best Instagram Stalker App in 2024

Instagram Stalker Apps - Top 10 Best Instagram Stalker App in 2023


Instagram is, without question, one of the most popular social networking platforms for photo and video sharing nowadays. The platform, now a part of Facebook, offers a wide range of photo and video editing and other features. If you use Instagram regularly, you can see the profiles of other users, but most people are interested in knowing which members have viewed the profile and Instagram stalkers. Almost every celebrity will be connecting with their fans.

Instagram stalker apps are not limited to the problems mentioned earlier. You can also use them to locate a misplaced phone. They are also useful for tracking phone conversations and SMS messages. If you are looking for the best Instagram stalker app, you can find a lot of options to choose from.

Top Instagram Stalker App In 2023

  1. Glassagram
  2. eyeZy
  3. uMobix
  4. mSpy
  5. Bark
  6. XNSPY
  7. Spyic
  8. CocoSpy
  9. FlexiSPY
  10. FoneMonitor


Glassgram is one of the best stalker apps because it helps you to view Instagram profiles anonymously, and you can also view private Instagram profiles. Or you can sign up for a paid subscription and use it to monitor your ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, or kids. That is the best way to ensure the safety of any loved one on social media. You won’t have to worry about Glassgram prices as they are quite affordable. There is no other Instagram stalker app that has a better option than Glassgram.

Features of glassgram

  1. That enables you to not only the stories uploaded by the device user but also the stories of anyone the user is watching.
  2. It captures screenshots of stories and videos viewed by your kids.
  3. It works as a very effective Instagram story stalker.
  4. One of the cool features is that it tracks
  5. Instagram DMs and allows you to read user conversations.


It is an easy-to-use app that monitors the device to enforce parental control on the phone. It successfully targets and monitors the phone without any suspicion if you use it as an Instagram stalker. Using this, you can get a record of everything from search history to text messages on Instagram.

As for EyeZy’s artificial intelligence, it prevents you from sticking to the Instagram app. When someone uses the targeted phone, you get an alert from the app. If you or a loved one is concerned about their data, they can activate the bank-grade encryption feature.

Features of EyeZy

  1. It scans Instagram activity and even deletes text messages.
  2. Completes tracking of all strokes registered on the device.
  3. Enables detection and blocking of specific websites browsed by device users.


uMobix stands out on the list of Instagram stalker apps and has all the features you’re looking for, thanks to comparisons with Android and iOS phones. Mox can track it and can also monitor Facebook and WhatsApp. UMOBIX is very active in letting you spy on your kid’s Instagram without them knowing the access you can get with this app. It is unreal.

That is a reliable story stalker app that helps you track user-uploaded stories. If you want to see someone else’s story the user is in contact with, you can do the same with Umobix. Can change settings as per wish Can unfollow or block people No interruptions during operation of this app. That eliminates the possibility of any issues during operation. App icon during installation. The hide option further enhances the monitoring capabilities of this app. Another great thing about uMobix is ​​that you can get it reasonably priced.

Features of uMobix

  1. You can install it without any difficulty.
  2. A status indicator notifies the app whenever the user of the app is online.
  3. It tracks all user activities.
  4. Its price is very reasonable.


That is a popular Instagram stalker app that offers a rich platform for parental monitoring and for monitoring your loved ones. It also monitors shared links, and its tracking capabilities work exceptionally well. mSpy’s dashboard monitors everything for up-to-plan mSpy and those with multiple devices. You can also contact the customer support service of this Instagram stalker app to learn more about this offer.

Features of mSpy

  1. It monitors the social platform Instagram.
  2. Features to recover user’s deleted text
  3. Screen recorders can record user’s news feeds and chat boxes.


This app offers two plans, namely Barak Premium and Barak Jr. The prices of these two plans are very different, and you can choose one according to your budget. The features offered by Bark JR include location-checked web browsing and screen time management. Also aware of the problems of line stalkers, etc. The best thing about the bar is that it has a seven-day free trial, allowing you to use the Instagram stalker app to know if this app May or may not meet the requirements.

You can’t hide Bark because your target will know they are watching. That is why you need more access to your target device. It sends you a notification as soon as it detects something malicious. In addition, it further supports parents by suggesting articles on how to solve the problem.

Features of Bark

  1. Its plans are not very expensive.
  2. It offers a seven-day free trial for your convenience so that you can evaluate whether you want to use it or not.
  3. Offers you tips and articles to help you deal with your problems.


Among the Instagram stalker applications, XNSPY distinguishes out as a reliable alternative for monitoring your kids and if you want to monitor your employees. It can also monitor incoming and outgoing SMS and phone calls. Who wouldn’t want to know the location of their kids when they are out and about?XNSPY understands the concern of parents, and therefore, It also has a GPS tracker that helps you locate a lost or stolen phone. 

Features of XNSPY

  1. One of its features is that it monitors text messages and phone calls.
  2. You can access the online activities of users.
  3. It has a GPS tracker that lets you track where your loved ones are.
  4. Monitors conversations in DM.


If you are looking for ways to get your child’s Instagram password to keep an eye on them, then you can use Spike’s services, like Spike’s amazing Instagram stalker app, to track your kids all online. It frees you from worrying about activities. You may have to compromise on the number of features this Spike offers, but the features it offers are great. Instagram isn’t the only social app that kids use extensively. They also keep posting on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snap, etc.

Speaking of these apps can help you a lot in monitoring. You can see your children’s direct messages, what kind of conversation they are having, and with whom.

Features of Spyic

  1. You can easily track the user’s phone calls and SMS.
  2. You can monitor all users’ online activities, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  3. Access to browser history
  4. Highly functional GPS tracker
  5. Geofencing


A very easy installment and use of Cocospy is called a good Insta stalker app for parental monitoring. Many people from all over the world highly appreciate the way Cocospy works as an Instagram stalker.

Everyone will need to learn about the presence of this app on the device when you perform the tracking methods. The car has a comprehensive dashboard that lets you monitor everything on a user’s Instagram feed. Conversations in call logs, direct messages, and checking users’ online browser history on Instagram is a breeze with Cocospy Instagram Story Install Stalker. The Best thing about Cocospy is its location, GPS-tracked by technology or SIM card.

Features of CocoSpy

  1. It has an SMS and call tracking feature.
  2. No jailbreaking of the device is required.
  3. It monitors the user’s browsing history.


FlexiSpy has earned its reputation as a very effective Instagram stalker app mainly because of its availability in various situations, including Mac, Android, PC, and Blackberry, but it comes with a condition of the device. If you need FlexiSpy, you must jailbreak the device like people want. FlexiSpy allows parents to perform multiple tasks, such as recording chats, saving photos and videos from Instagram, and more. You can accurately monitor your child’s Instagram activity.

Features of FlexiSPY

  1. It can install apps from the user’s phone.
  2. It provides a one-day free trial to decide whether to use it.


It makes an interesting addition to the list of Instagram stalker apps that are very good at tracking the target cell phone and monitoring everyone’s online activities. Availability makes it a better choice than other Instagram apps. The best thing about the Phone Monitor Spy app is that it doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting the Android phone. You can easily observe users’ Instagram activities. You can monitor their daily conversations in your Instagram inbox without knowing whether the app is running in the background or not.

Features of FoneMonitor

  1. The interface is very easy to use.
  2. 7-day money-back guarantee.


With the help of all the Instagram stalker applications in this article, you should be able to find those people who are always stalking your Instagram profile anonymously. These apps are rated as safe and secure and have received many positive reviews from reputable online reviewers, so you don’t have to worry about your Instagram profile.


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